Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Real Cider and Perry

What is Real Cider

CAMRA defines real Cider or Perry as being fermented from the whole juice of fresh pressed apples or pears, without the use of concentrated or chaptalised juices. ... In order to be real, cider and perry should never be concentrated then diluted – either in terms of the juice used, or the alcohol content.

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Here you can learn more about cider, how it’s made, matured and served to you. Featuring regularly updated content on everything from cider styles, the benefits of cider on your health, cider quality (is your pint ok?) and real cider dispense; how you can tell whether what you’re drinking is live cider or not based on simple pointers that help you make more informed choices at the bar:

Cider & Perry News

During the Coronavirus Lockdown most Cider and Perry Producers are offering free home delivery.

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Somerset Cider & Perry Producers

Click this link for the latest list of Somerset Branch CAMRA Cider & Perry Producers

Or see the national CAMRA database of Cider & Perry Producers at Browse the most comprehensive list of real cider and perry producers in the U.K.

National Cider Pub of the Year

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CAMRA National Cider & Perry Championship Results

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In 1988 CAMRA committed itself to campaigning for real cider & real perry as well as real ale.

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The county of Somerset has long been famous for its Cider and Perry and there is an ever increasing number of producers within the county, raging from the long established Family producers like Hecks and Sheppy's to the more recent small producers like Tricky and Uncle Dicks. See our Somerset Cider and Perry Producers page for a list of producers that we are aware of. If you know of any new ones, or any that we are missing please let us know.

A map showing the locations of key Somerset Cider Producers can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking this link: Somerset Cider Map.

Our Cider & Perry contact is Steve Hawkins, click the link for contact details:- Real Cider and Perry Coordinator.

He lives in Watchet, home to Pebbles Tavern which won the accolade of CAMRA SOUTH WEST REGION CIDER PUB of the YEAR in 2014, 2015 & 2019 and CAMRA SOMERSET BRANCH CIDER PUB of the YEAR 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

Please send any news relating to Cider and Perry to Steve, who collates this for the branch and CAMRA Nationally. Many thanks.

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) promotes the cider and perry industry in the UK. It represents both larger producers and many hundreds of smaller scale cider makers. Keep up with Cider News on their website:

Our list of pubs offering discounts on Real Ale to CAMRA Card Carrying Members also includes LocAle and pubs offering Real Cider and Perry

Click here to download it: Pubs offering LocAle and Real Cider (updated January 2019).

Great selection of Somerset Ciders and Perries on offer in Pebbles Tavern in Watchet.