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On this page we will try to keep you up to date on any changes to the pubs of Somerset, i.e closures, opening,s etc. This can be quite a difficult job as the branch area is so large. If you know of any changes, threatened closures, etc. please feel free to contact the pubs officer Andy Jones or drop me an email on moc.liamg@66kwauqs.

Somerset Pubs newly added to the CAMRA Good Beer Guide in 2018.

* Bicknoller, Bicknoller Inn

* Blagdon Hill, Lamb & Flag

* Burrowbridge, King Alfred

* Crewkerne, King William Inn and The White Hart

* Curry Rivel, The Fire House

* Luxborough The Royal Oak

* Taunton, The Bank

Pub News.

Save the Great Western Pub in Yeovil

Somerset Live are covering the story this week (28 Nov. 2017). Can I please ask EVERYBODY to sign the petition accessed via this link:

The pub will close its doors on Saturday December 2nd. 2017.

The Ring of Bells in Taunton has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Oakademy of Excellence, Oakham Ales, which is awarded to flagship venues serving high quality beers. It was presented to them by the managing director of Oakham Ales.

The Firehouse, Curry Rivel won the National award for best newcomer and will shortly be named in the GBG. See

The SW pub of the year is the Salutation Inn, Ham.

The Perkin Warbeck in Taunton has been refurbished and is set to re-open on 3 October 2017.

The Duke of Wellington in Minehead have set up a Real Ale & Cider Facebook Page dedicated to their pub at

The Rock Inn at Waterrow: Perhaps you haven't been in the Rock for a while but we are selling a range of ciders including the Bere Cider Company's Gold Rush (6.5%), Thatcher's Stan's Traditional (6%), Luscombe Organic (4.9%), Quantock Brewery's Copper Knob as well as Katy (7.4%). We are also selling Quantock Brewery's Craft Ale - Sunraker (4.2%) which is proving very popular, as well as regular ales - Otter & Tribute.

Top Pubs in Somerset according to Somerset Life Magazine

The August edition of Somerset Life Magazine produced in Totnes have listed what they think are the best 10 pubs in the County of Somerset.

Bell Inn, Ash
Knowle Inn, Bawdrip
Queens Arms, Corton Denham
Rose & Crown, Huish Episcopi
Halfway House, Pitney
Brewers Arms, South Petherton
Ring of Bells, Taunton
Crossways, West Huntspill

Bell Inn, Bath
The George, Croscombe

Fitzhead Pub Under Threat

Hi Ian,

First off I should say that I'm not actually a resident of Fitzhead, a village in Somerset with an under-threat pub, though I am a CAMRA member. My parents live in the village; I moved away 20-odd years ago but return for visits.

I want to bring to your attention the threat to the village pub and find out if you can offer any advice.

For years the Fitzhead Inn has been under threat of property types trying to turn it into a residence, but in 2014 it became listed as an asset of community value, until 2019. Presumably in 2019 it has to reapplied for, and the owner if they want can object, saying it has no community value.

And here's the thing: on the face of it the current incumbent is doing everything he can to run the pub down. In a village where people for decades have been popping in for a late pint to chat with whoever's in - at 10pm, half ten or whatever, he's decided that if there's nobody in at half nine he's closing. Anyone who would normally go in late can't - and he can therefore claim the place had no customers that night, and therefore is not an asset of community value. Even when there are people in he's looking at the clock from half nine onwards, pressuring people to drink up and refusing to serve after 10pm because "I have to be up early" and that type of thing. He's also been known to claim the dining area is fully booked, which subsequently turns out not to be the case.

Obviously the guy should be allowed to run the pub largely how he wants, but this seems an intentional ploy. He's never run a village pub before and refuses to accept that this type of pub isn't likely to generate massive profits - it is by its nature an asset of community value, there when the community needs it, provided it can at least not make a loss. Previous owners have demonstrated this pub is quite capable of making a small profit when run properly.

It seems the pub is currently on the market, though whether that's part of the owner's plan is hard to say. I'm not suggesting he should be forced to run it at a loss but as I said previous owners have managed to run it without losing money, and it's at the centre of a village of a couple of hundred people.

So is there anything you can suggest here? The pub is presumably safe until 2019 but I'm trying to get ahead of it. My parents and the other villagers want their pub kept and will be willing to use it more often with a more welcoming atmosphere, but they're not the type to kickstart efforts to save it, which is why I'm here.

If you're the wrong man to contact, apologies for that. But anything you could point me towards, whether contacting the council at this point is worth it or whatever else, I'd be grateful to hear.

Kind regards, Chris Lockie.